Service This is just a sample of the types of services we perform.
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Tune Ups

Full Tune

Full set of adjustments and our exclusive ULTRASONIC drivetrain cleaning.

Basic Tune

Same adjustments without the drivetrain cleaning.

Drivetrain Clean

The same ULTRASONIC cleaning as our full tune, without brake and wheel adjustments.

Bicycle Safety Check Over (NOT A TUNE UP)

Safety check.

Overhaul Suspension Fork* *parts not included

Includes seal and Oil replacement with bushing burnishing.

Overhaul Rear Shock* *parts not included


True Wheel
Build Wheel
Adjust Hubs
$15 - $25
Install Spoke
$ 20 - $35


Bleed Disc Brake
Adjust Brakes
$15- $25
Install Brake Cable
Install Disc Brake Pads

Flat Repair

Tube/Tire Installation
$8 - $12
Tubeless Tire Repair/Installation
$12 - $20


Adjust Front
Adjust Rear
Install Derailleur Cable